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This form is intended to serve as an aid in preparing, developing, and publishing your new Website. While we take great pride in creating an artistic, functional, up-to-the-minute Website, we need to have some starting point. To that end we furnish this checklist to provide a general, though not all-inclusive guideline. In preparation and planning for your site, please review and try to assemble as many of the items listed below as possible. Thank you.
Any pertinent or important Company/Organization information, including addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, Company history, and any other facts you wish to share.
Any corporate art, logo, or designs which identify your Company.
Any printed or published matter which has worked well, you are very pleased with, or just would like to include in your site.
Any text, typed or printed, which you wish to include in your site. This saves a lot of time on our part, and money on yours, avoiding typing. Due to the possibility of viruses, we will not accept any material on disks.
Any photos or art you want included.
Any examples of print ads or websites you feel could be incorporated into your site, or that you particularly like, including competitors’ ads or Websites.
At least one existing e-mail address which we can set up as your "default", which simply means any unassigned mail gets forwarded there, and any others you are ready to assign. You may assign e-mail addresses to anyone within your organization, and we will administer up to ten at no extra charge. Large amounts of e-mail administration would require working at an hourly rate. These e-mail addresses (yourname@yourcompany.com) will be forwarded to any e-mail service you desire. They can be changed at any time, even if you change your own e-mail service.

As soon as your URL (domain name, i.e. www."yourname".com) is secured, you may begin to add it to all of your existing media, such as business cards, stationary, Yellow Pages ads, print ads, and any other media you may use.

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