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First step- Secure your domain, set up e-mail, publish "under construction" place holder.

Goals- What do you expect from your website?

Layout- A general idea of how the site should look when complete.

Materials- Logo, clipart, photos, product/service descriptions, etc.

Build the site- The construction and publishing process of getting your site on the World Wide Web.

Review/proof the site- Review and make any necessary corrections or last minute changes.

Site promotion/advertising- Use search engines, co-op advertising, and any printed forms you already use. (i.e.:business cards, flyers,print ads,voice mail messages, etc.)

Site maintenance, updates- Depending on the purposes and content of your site, you may want to change calendars, time-sensitive sales pages, company information, product/service updates, etc.

What is a Website?

A website is an electronic publication of information, photos, and any other material which is significant to your business.  As you may have noticed, anything you might see in print, and more, is possible at a much lower cost than traditional advertising methods.  Your internet materials may also be used for print, directly from your site.  A website is viewable anywhere in the world!

What is a Website used for?

There are several factors and options which affect the design and purpose of your site.

Information-  You are able to provide any content you wish, depending upon the clients you are serving.

Pictures-  You can include photos of your work, staff, or any important issues that would benefit from a "first-hand view".

Coupons-  You may wish to publish an "Internet only" coupon, which your customers may print and present.

Catalogs-  You may publish an entire catalog, or several catalogs online, either using existing catalogs, or creating them solely for the Website.

Customer/Client Prospecting-  You may wish to search for new clients with your site.  Ask us how.

Newsletter-  You may wish to publish a regularly updated column or newsletter as a service to your customers.

E-Commerce-  You may wish to sell products on your Website.   This can be incredibly simple, and extremely rewarding.

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Market Globally, Locally, or Both!!!

It is recommended that you follow the links to the Questionnaire and Checklist pages, print and complete them prior to meeting with our representative.

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